Monday, February 1, 2010


Again, I know I have posted these before... I just want to get caught up on the photo blog and add a few of my favorites here before I start adding new photos. My sister and I spent the day together a couple of weeks ago searching the town for "fun" spots. These are just a few that I am happy with. We ended up running out of day light so we were forced to end our photo shoot. You will probably see a lot more of her here as I practice more. She really enjoyed doing this so I don't think I will have to try to hard when asking her again.


  1. such a beauty ! what great captures you achived ! let God take the wings of your camers and fly high you are doing great with this gift behind his len's . love seeing others in my line of work doing amazing work . God bless michelle lee

  2. ok, seriously. I just love that radial blur you added to the picture of your sister on the stairs. i keep coming back to it. great job!
    (and I will be trying to copy that picture in the future! i just love it)hehe.

  3. Those are beautiful pictures! Great job!